At the moment, all battles are calculated on the server side in accordance with the combat flow:

and their result depends on the parameters of your robot. Later we are going to introduce visualization through the Unity engine, and along with that robot abilities, so you will have more options to influence the battle.

The more robots you have in a formation, the more chances you have to climb higher and win more often. The first slot is free, the rest 5 cost $METAL.

Each battle costs 20 energy for each robot fighting in the battle. At a 100 energy value, you can do 5 battles. Energy is restored to 100 every 12 hours. The ELO rating system is taken as the basis for the finding of the opponent.

The matchmaking takes place in the range of + - 200 and selects the closest enemy to you by rating. If there are no opponents in the given range, the system selects the one closest to it.

In case if you donโ€™t want to battle with a concrete opponent, you can use reroll, which costs $METAL.

  • Combat is step-based

  • The combat order is calculated by the DOPE parameter of the robots All robots in combat will be placed in order.

  • The higher DOPE, the higher chances to attack first

Targeting in battle

  • Every hand selects its own target

  • The target choice is defined by weapon type Empty hand focuses on the frontline If no target in the frontline, switch to the backline Melee weapons focus on the frontline If no target in the frontline, switch to the backline Range weapons focus on the backline If no target in the backline, switch to the frontline

Each battle affects your rating, up or down, which in turn determines your position in the leaderboard.

PvP rules:

  1. In cases where someone leaves the formation empty or removes the leader of the formation, farming speed is going to be reduced to 0, until the player will return his formation or leader back.

  2. It is necessary to conduct at least 10 battles every 24 hours, otherwise farming speed drops to 0, the battles are reflecting on your farming speed on the next day.

  3. The rating is lowered if there are not 10 battles per every 24 hours, the rating drops by 10% from a playerโ€™s current one and so on, until it reaches the minimum of 1.

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