BR1.0 or blank robot - a special model of machines that doesn't have any clear task inside its OS

It can be whatever you want - just download any software from the Internet, update the robot, and profit! You can build your own football team, make him your gardener and butler or just your friend. Thanks to the craftsmen, thousands of different programs can be found on the Internet.

But unfortunately, not all BR1.0 robots are used by smart people. Molly was purchased by Dick Head - a big fan of robot fights. He installed leaked soldier software to his BR1.0, and thatโ€™s how Molly was created.

He lost his first fight in a fight club because he was not fully calibrated by his owner. After the loss, Dick Head became really mad. He started to upgrade Molly with different parts and software versions that were not compatible to work together. Next time he turned on Molly was the last time he saw him.

The robot blew up his garage and ran away. He was destroying parked cars, breaking windows and shooting in the air. The police department of the city was sent to destroy the robot but it was able to hear them on the police radio.

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