Drunk Robots


The game itself will launch 2021-2022. Below are the current near-term launch plans:
Q4 2021 Players dashboard A page, where you can see your robots, their characteristics, rarity, replenish energy and health.
Browser mini-game (F2P) The first mini-game that will allow the best players to get unique and rare in-game items.
Q1 2022 Scavenging (P2E) - NFT staking
PVP beta (P2E) - core gameplay
Q2 2022 $METAL release
In-game store
Unity mini-game (F2P)
Drunk Races (P2E) - core gameplay
Robots equipment
Q3 2022 PVP with visualization
Gangs Q4 2022
New equipment containers
Drunk races update
Gang Wars
Q1-Q4 2023
Equipment progression
Daily tasks
F2P robot
Farming units
Robots abilities in PVP
Reward for the battles
Mobile app
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