Drunk Robots
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In-game token

The game have one main token: $METAL
$METAL will be required for shopping, items progression, missions, pvp. Some rewards for successfully completing game activities will also be paid in $METAL.
Detailed tokenomics
Total supply: 2,750,000,000 $METAL Public round allocation: 25,000,000 $METAL IDO and Listing price: $0.01 FDV on Listing: $27.5M TGE MarketCap with liquidity provided: 19,550,000 $METAL / $195,500 TGE MarketCap without liquidity: 4,550,000 $METAL / $45,000 Vesting schedule for public round: 10% TGE, 15% monthly
$JUNK will be used for containers purchase, raffles and equipment upgrade.
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