Drunk Robots
Now we are nearing the stage of launching the game, and the first thing we started selling are containers that store robots, weapons and items needed for farming.
All this will be needed to start the game.
As for now, there are 3 options available for purchase:
  • Container #1 It contains 1 robot You can buy it for 0.6 BNB hereโ€‹
  • Container #2 It contains 3 robots and 1 rare weapon You can buy it for 1.5 BNB hereโ€‹
  • Container #3 It contains 6 robots,1 rare weapon and 1 farming unit You can buy it for 3 BNB hereโ€‹
There will be 10101 genesis robots in total. 6 types of robots with different characteristics, abilities, appearances and native weapons. Each robot will have a unique set of characteristics and a unique appearance.
The containers will be opened according to the fair launch principle. No one knows if youโ€™ll get an ordinary robot or a super-rare one.
After opening, all the containers will be used as farming units for your robots. Bigger containers will farm more!
Opening of containers will be possible as soon as 8,888 robots are sold out.
Last modified 4mo ago
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