Robots rarity system and parameters

As mentioned, 10,101 genesis robots will be generated randomly with a different set of parameters. Containers are opened according to the principle of a fair launch - no one knows in advance whether you’ll get a common robot or a legendary one.

Collection page - the place where you can see all the robots and check which of them are opened:

Containers - here you can buy container #1 with a random robot:

Secondary market - here you can trade robots with other players:


  • Legendary

  • Epic

  • Rare

  • Common

Main characteristics: Health: The parameter that reduces in battle from receiving damage after the shield, as soon as health reaches 0, the character dies in battle.

Damage: The amount of damage dealt.

Dodge: Determines the chance of ignoring an attack.

Shield: Absorbs damage until shield reaches 0, same as Health.

DEF: Reduces damage taken, doesn't apply to shield.

Speed: Determines for the chance of attacking 2 times per turn, also each attack can be with critical damage

Parry: Determines the chance of ignoring an attack.

Dope: The combat order is calculated by the dope parameter of the robots. The higher dope, the higher chаnces to attack first

Crit: Increasing the chance to do x3 damage per attack.

All the parameters can be increased with the help of equipment.

The basic parameters of each robot type:

Also, the robot has parameters that need to be maintained:

Energy: Spent for each battle, 20 energy per battle. Regenerates by itself at 8.333333333 per hour or can be regenerated by using energy boozes.

Rating: Street credibility. It’s increased after successful pvp battles and decreased in case of loss. If you behave smoothly, your rating goes up.

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