Drunk Robots
Characters rarity system and characteristics
As mentioned, 10,101 genesis robots will be generated randomly with a different set of characteristics. Containers will be opened on the fair launch principle โ€” no one knows in advance whether youโ€™ll get an ordinary robot or a rare one. Opening of containers will become available after 8,888 robots are sold.
Rarity: - Legendary - Epic - Rare - Common
Power 0โ€“100
Intelligence 0โ€“100
Speed 0โ€“100
Stamina 0โ€“100
Dope 0โ€“100 โ€” a parameter that is enhanced by cool accessories. Like a boombox or stereo glasses.
All the characteristics can be increased with the help of accessories. You cannot change only the basic external characteristics (color, shape of the robot, etc.), while you can change clothes.
Also, the character has characteristics that need to be maintained:
Health 0โ€“100. Spent in mini-games, battles, etc. Restored through the use of METAL.
Energy 0โ€“100. Spent in the same way as health, restored over time. If the robot owns a home, it recovers faster.
Rating Street credibility. It rises after successful robberies and raids, victories in battles, and so on. If you behave smoothly โ€” your rating rises.
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