Drunk Races

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How to play

1. You need to buy at least one Robot, if you already have one for PvP, you can use it as well

You can find the one on the secondary market

Or you can buy the box and try your luck with getting a rare, epic, or legendary one: buy container

After you bought the box, you can open it here: open the container

Once you have the robot you can go to the homepage of drunk races: https://drunk-robots.com/racing/races and simply mint your cart.

Main rules

  • $METAL is the main currency in drunk races, places and awards for them:

  • 1st — 160 $METAL

  • 2nd — 120 $METAL

  • 3rd — 80 $METAL

  • You need to have at least one robot and one cart to participate in races.

  • The rarity increases your chances of winning, but still the system is designed in such a way that everyone has the opportunity to become a winner.

  • Each cart has its own mileage after which it is necessary to upgrade the cart in order to be able to continue to participate in races. You can improve your cart using a special toolkit, it is necessary if you run out of mileage or if you want to increase the rarity.

  • Energy is consumed in each race, you have 10 races per day for 1 cart.

The initial collection will have only 2,000 carts

  • Common 1350

  • Rare 450

  • Epic 150

  • Legendary 50

There are 5 track types:

Winter road, where you can perform best with Armchair, Barrel and Refrigerator with Skis - Stability

Off-road, where you can perform best with Boat, Barrel and Refrigerator with Trolley wheels - Passability

Highway, where you can perform best with Boat, Wooden box and Armchair with Big wheels- Velocity

Tokyo mountain pass, where you can perform best with Boat, Wooden box and Refrigerator with Drifter slicks - Drifting Hills, where you can perform best with Wooden box, Barrel and Armchair with Bicycle wheels - Precision

ROI On average, you can earn 279 $METAL/Per Day with 1 common cart.

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