There're a lot of things to do in Los Machines. You can just hang out in bar or go do some crime activites to earn $JUNK. The easiest and more free way to start is to play against other users in mini-games. There are two options available: Ninja game and Knockout game.

Knockout mini-game The 1st mini-game is a browser-based top-down shooter where the robot named Knockout have to shoot down all other robots. The mini-game is presented in an f2p model, so you donโ€™t need to hold a container to join. Every week we distribute 10000 $METAL among those players who have scored 100 points or more. โ€” this rule may be modified in the future. Ninja mini-game The 2nd mini-game is a browser based endless runner created using the Unity engine. Where the robot named Ninja have to run after store robbery. You need to dodge a lot of obstacles and collect bottles of METAL in order to increase your points.

And more games to come!

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