Drunk Robots
There're a lot of things to do in Los Machines. You can just hang out in bar or go do some crime activites to earn $MTL. Here's the list of what you'll be able to do in the city:
Bank robbery A bank is a serious business. In order to rob it, you need to have at least three robots with a rating of 100+, at least one gun for three and masks that hide their faces. Each trip to the bank takes up energy and health. If you fail, you simply lose your health and return to your hideout in disgrace. If you succeed, you get a monetary reward. The better armed and the higher the rating of the characters, the greater the chances of success.
Store robbery We rob stores from infancy, so the rating does not matter. If you want, you can go alone without a weapon. The probability of success will be small, but it will still be there. You can just discreetly take out a can or two of METAL under your shirt. In the same way, if you fail, you simply lose health and energy. If you succeed, you get a reward!
Fight Club Smells of faulty wiring in here. Yes, this is the club that no one talks about. Underground fights. Player versus player. Bet before entering. Winner takes all.
Drunk Races What could be better than cold METAL in the morning? Go out and jump behind the wheel of your clunker and hand it out sideways! Bet and let’s ride. Winner takes all, loser bathes in disgrace.
Dance-battle We can’t fight all the time! There are other fights for the pacifists. Show off what your body is capable on the dance floor! It is important to pump the Dope stat to win.
And more games to come!
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