In the future people will also try to humanize robots. KID is one of the first robots to try to do it

Positioned as a replacement for a child, KID is able to read children's “mental scan” – the robot will behave like a specific child, will copy his manners and voice. This could be used for many purposes. In our story KID was for an elderly couple – their granddaughter was always far away from them living in another country.

Robots were not supposed to visit school – they already had high-end AI inside. But grandparents forced KID to go to school everyday. Since it was an experimental machine and children were not used to see robots as their classmates – they were bullying KID on an everyday basis. As every child she tried to talk with her grandparents, but they said that she had to study to be smart to enter the best college. They forced KID to do human stuff – go to school, eat food, go to shower and so on. That was very annoying for the robot (yes, she also had an “emotional module”), and she started running away from home.

The last straw for her was when a school bully called her metal bitch. KID became furious, broke the bully’s arm and started to beat her classmates. After it she smashed the windows in the classroom and ran away.

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