Drunk Robots
Jane was the first serial robot serving as a secretary for famous businessmen and politicians. A pretty appearance and a pleasant voice together with the ability to brew perfect coffee made her a perfect replacement for unreliable people. Seeing Jane next to presidents or CEOs while watching TV is now a commonplace - no one will be surprised to see the metal woman sitting in a private jet. But there are only a few people who know that the first ever released model of Jane was dumped. Why? The creator of the robot (as every scientist) had a lot of plans for Jane when he first showed it at an international exhibition. And how angry he was when journalists claimed that he constructed a perfect barista-bot! The resentful engineer upgraded Jane’s AI and sold the first model to CarDucks - a world-famous coffee chain. Unfortunately, after upgrading, Jane said that she does not want to work as a barista, it's not what she was dreaming about. “Fuck you” - that’s what she said to CarDucks CEO. After the trial, her creator agreed to throw her away and pay a big fine. He was noticed by some investors, and now he owns a big robot company producing machines for famous people.
Jane was successfully set to zero and dumped. Now she doesn't remember anything . But her creator left all the updates inside her OS as a sign of love for his first creation. So now she is still one of the smartest robots in Los Machines. Others call her The Metal Jane.
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