Drunk Robots
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Starting with PvP

PVP Arena is the main game in Drunk Robots. It’s a place where you can earn $METAL for fighting with other users.
PvP has seasons, each season lasts 30 days, each one has its own season pool, the total amount of $METAL, which is distributed to all players in the leaderboard. At the moment, the average ROI for one common robot is equal to 3517 $METAL per month.
How to play
1) You need to buy at least one Robot
You can find the one on the secondary market
Or you can buy a box and try your luck with getting a rare, epic, or legendary one: buy a container
After you bought the box, you can open it here: open the container
2) Create your formation
  • The combat formation defines a robot position in combat
  • The combat formation has 6 slots. Players start with only one unlocked slot of formation (Frontline, Mid). It’s necessary to buy other slots to unlock them.
  • The line of formation can give a bonus to the parameters of the robot Frontline — Melee weapons get a DMG bonus Backline — Range weapons get a DMG bonus
  • There is no restriction of robot placing in slots
You can check the parameters of the robots by placing their ID number on the PvP dashboard https://app.drunk-robots.com/robot/2993 Replace 2993 with the robot ID.
3) Start battles
You need to have at least one robot to start a fight, here is the detailed combat flow to let you know how everything works: combat flow