Drunk Robots

Equipment and weapon

Equipment is intended to increase the parameters of your robot, it can also lower them if the robot already has more powerful equipment.
Equipment can be bought on the marketplace, they are sold in 2 containers:
​Common-Rare contains 1 common or rare item.
​Rare-Epic contains 1 rare or epic item.
The page for opening containers: open​
Or you can find something on the secondary marketplace​
There are 6 slots in total for all robots:
Head Chest Legs Feet Weapon Slot 1 left hand Weapon Slot 2 right hand For Molly Weapon slot 1 left upper hand Weapon slot 2 left lower hand
Only 1 item can be in a slot at a time.
The rest items, which you can see on your Robot NFT, are just accessories and don't give any parameters.
Each item also has 4 rarity levels and, accordingly, with each level the item is more powerful:
Rarity of the equipment:
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Common
Equipment is divided into 2 types:
Armor with defensive parameters
  • Head Core - HP First - SHIELD Secondary - DEF
  • Chest Core - HP First - DEF Secondary - PARRY
  • Legs Core - HP First - PARRY Secondary - DODGE
  • Feet Core - HP First - DODGE Secondary - SHIELD
Weapon with offensive parameters
  • Weapon 1 Core - DMG First - SPEED Secondary - CRIT
  • Weapon 2 Core - DMG First - CRIT Secondary - SPEED