Drunk Robots

Leaderboard and rating

The leaderboard is a season-based system that allows PvP players to receive a reward based on their formation PVP rating.
In order to get into the leaderboard and determine your initial farming speed, you need to complete the calibration at the beginning of each season - 10 battles.
PvP has seasons, each season lasts 30 days, each season has its own season pool, the total amount of $METAL, which is distributed to all players in the leaderboard. There is the same situation with a season reward (the amount of TAX from players withdrawal) which is also distributed among all players to their balance on the last day of season.
Your position in the leaderboard determines your Hash Power, which in turn determines Farming Speed ​​- how much $METAL you earn from the total pool. In the 2nd division the average farming speed is around 120 $METAL/Day, in the 7th one is around 1500 $METAL/Day.
Division hash rate distribution
  • All ratings in leaderboards are split between division
  • Every division has its own specific range of ratings
  • Every division defines hash power of the formation in it The formation hash power changes if it moves to another division
  • There is a list of divisions:
In the 2nd division the average farming speed is around 120 $METAL/Day, in the 7th around 1500 $METAL/Day.
With the beginning of each season, a wipe of the leaderboard occurs. And you need to raise your rating again.
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