B.O.B (or just Bob)

Bottle Opening Bot or just Bob was designed as the first robot barman. The first versions of it were created to help human barmen in the biggest beer festivals all over the world, but somehow didnโ€™t get any protection against liquids. During the festival our B.O.B fell into a big beer barrel. AI forced Bob to drink all the beer to survive, and it caused glitches in its firmware. Robot started throwing up with toxic liquid (which is abnormal for a machine) to clear the interior and save the internal details. Scared people were running away from the festival, the news instantly appeared all over the Internet. Festival organizers lost millions of dollars and, of course, festival reputation. After this case all B.O.Bs were upgraded, and only waterproof models were allowed to work at crowded places.

Our Bob was sent to dump, where he continued to drink beer. His toxic vomit became one of his favourite weapons. For this ability heโ€™s also known as Burp Bob.

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